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Welcome to the Gorean Frontier Home Stone,
a vast place with multiple and varied locations
and opportunities for almost everyone.


We do not allow just anyone to participate in either the chatroom or the group "The Gorean Frontier", participation is strictly limited to talented roleplayers with positive attitudes and generally amicable personalities.

Please read and understand the following before entering into role play in Our room.  Abide by the guidelines below and you will be happily welcomed among Us!

  • This is a No Zone.

  • The minimum age required to be here is 18 years old.

  • OOC (out of character) chitchat will be kept to a minimum in the roleplay area.

  • No personal real-world drama or disrespect toward others will be tolerated here at any time.

  • Upon entering the room, take a moment to observe the current role play to learn where others are and what is going on, decide where you want to be, then post an appropriate and credible entrance to participate.  

  • You are solely responsible for knowing your surroundings and completing the role play of your entrance into any PUBLIC area. No one is required to stop to acknowledge you.  No one needs permission to enter a public area.

  • You are required to role play seeking entrance to any person's PRIVATE area, such as an office, a business or a residence. This requires that person's acknowledgment to either grant or deny it to be considered valid. 

  • NOTE: Bad manners, bad attitudes, and trouble-making speech or actions will NOT be tolerated from ANYONE for any reason either in Our Home or Our Group.  They are grounds for immediate expulsion without further notice.

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