Citizenship Laws

  • The Merchant Town of Fort Haskins grants Citizenship/Residency to Free persons ONLY. Slaves are property.

  • Citizenship/Residency is a tremendous honor and responsbility, and will not be granted to just Anyone!

  • Consideration for Citizenship should only be accepted if there is a "sincere will" to have Fort Haskins as Your permanent and only Home Stone. 

  • A Citizen/Resident of the town of Fort Haskins/Boswell Pass area is expected to observe and learn the local laws, and CONTRIBUTE to the common good, according to HIs or Her abilities and status. Of course We realize that as humans that isn't always possible, but it is the goal and becoming a Citizen means You have agreed to make the effort.  . 

  • Citizenship is a privilege, not a right!. Each Citizen is expected to be loyal towards Their Fellows and Their Community in words and deeds.

  • Male Citizens are expected to report to Their District Militia for Defence Drills immediately upon gaining Citizenship Status!

  • Free Citizens shall show due respect to the Home Stone within it's presence or when speaking/referencing to it, by simple salute (right hand over heart) along with  bowing/curtseying.when standing.

  • There shall be no spreading of the private business of others by any Citizen, be it by written or spoken word or even by innuendo. A Citizen is expected to respect and protect the right to privacy of all other Citizens, and has the right to expect this of their Fellow Citizens.

  • Citizenship may be removed from a Person by a majority vote of the Merchant Council. A Person's Citizenship status may be suspended by decree of an Official of the Mercenary Board pending a hearing before a Law Council (this Body is made up of Merchants and Mercenaries).. A Person will always be given a chance to state Their case before Council and produce any Witnesses Who wish to speak on Their behalf.  

(Too, anyone whose citizenship, for whatever reason, is rescinded or revoked, with due process of law, is no longer entitled to the protections and rights of that polity's Home Stone. That Home Stone is then no longer his.   Dancer of Gor, Book 22, Page 388)

  • A Citizen may petition the Council  or Administrator to be released from Their Oath of Citizenship because of Real Life or in the case of Free Women, Companionship to a Person not a Citizen of Fort Haskins.. Once granted, that person may not be granted citizenship again except by an  APPROVING majority vote by Majority of the Council. If a Citizen renounces, forsakes or violates their Oath, They will be exiled and banned for LIVES.. (Such status will be recorded in the Group Announcement Board (GAB)).

  • There is NO requirement of Fort Haskins for a Free Citizen to attach the Name of the Town to Their User/Character name. (However it IS recommended to be mentioned in One's profile at least.).

  • General Property slaves (slaves of the Town of Fort Haskins) ARE REQUIRED to carry the Town name with them at all times (Examples of Tags: "~FH", "~BP"; and in profile: "Property of Fort Haskins", "Boswell Pass slave" or "FH Owned" ). The Town's slave brand is FH above a kef ( k ) encircled by a slave whip.

Citizenship: Petition and Initiation

  • PRIOR TO BEGINNING THE PROCESS WHICH LEADS TO CITIZENSHIP THE POTENTIAL PETITIONER MUST: ( a ) OBSERVE/PARTICIPATE for no less than 21 days. ( b ) CANNOT "Home Jump" (use this Home as cause/reason for leaving a home which They are already pledged to!)  That is NOT Gorean, and will NOT be allowed!

  • (Residency is a slighly different process, and will be addressed in a different section.)

  • Once interest is voiced in pledging to the Town, the Petitioner will place ( P ) or ( p ) at the end of their name while under consideration after appealing to Citizen to sponser them. The Sponsoring Citizen will be responsible for helping the Petitioner to acclimate to the culture and laws of Fort Haskins.

  • The Petitioner should work diligently at their Caste/occupation. (Free Women have the option of not working as their finances and status ALLOW, but They must apply Themselves actively as contributors to the good of the town. This means NO IDLING!)

  • Slaves wishing to be collared as General Town property should seek training under the Master or Mistress of the Community Slave Pit.

  • After a trial period of no less than 30 days the Petitioner will be brought before the Administrator, or a member of the Merchant Council for final evaluation.

  • Slaves will be commanded to demonstrate their basic skills level, produce at least two Free Witnesses to verify the slave's participation in the home during petitioning period, have documentations of pedigree (background), a health exam from a recognized Physician, and BEG collar. Fort Haskins doesn't just accept any wandering beast from the wilderness!

  • Free Persons should have documented recommendation of Petition for Citizenship (scroll/log), show evidence of their knowledge of their caste, and examples of practicing Caste in the home being petitioned for with at least one other Free as Witness, and pass knowledge of the laws of Fort Haskins (Citizenship test).

  • The Free will THEN be sworn in by a simple, yet solemn ceremony (Ceremony of Bread, Salt, and Fire) which will be posted in the Group Announcement Board (GAB).

  • The slave will be collared and branded to the Town at which time she then becomes available for purchase by any Citizen of the Fort Haskins/Boswell Pass area if there is an interest. Until then, she/he is a vital asset/property of Fort Haskins and will reflect the training and devotion of her position at ALL TIMES. 



A Resident is not a Citizen of a Home, but is granted temporary living and working privileges if They are conducting business as a Representative of an allied Home, Town or City. Residency status is good for two years and MUST be renewed for longer periods of stay!

The Resident will comply with all general, local and traditional laws of the town of Fort Haskins/Boswell Pass area. 

Residents USUALLY are assigned living quarters in a Cylinder for that purpose. 

Residents are free to roam the public areas unimpeded.  

If a Resident does NOT obey the laws/rules of the Home, this is grounds for immediate expulsion.

Residents apply for residency with the Census Magistrate at the gates of the Town. Must state the length of their stay, the reason they are in town, Who their local contact is, and pay for the Resident Pass (which is like an identifier: coin, scroll, armband, stamp...You get the picture).  



(Acknowledgements: To the City of Vendara Founders: Citizenship Requirements; Citizenship Laws of Vendara. By Laws circa 1998 for many of the rules set here. Revisions by Madie Veyl of Boswell Pass.)

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