Observation Cycle for New Visitors:

  • A period of time to allow brand new visitors to observe without having the requirement to role play.

  • The visitor will be instructed to remain cupped and not participate other than asking questions.

  • A particular citizen may be assigned to answer questions in order to prevent disruption of any ongoing role play.

  • These days should be used by the visitor to determine and define what they wish their role/character to be.

  • The Observation Cycle will last up to 5 visits of substantial length (not counting flybys or drop ins).

  • At the end of the 5 days, should the visitor assume the role of a Free person, He/She will state Their Caste and begin the process of becoming a Free Citizen of Boswell Pass.

  • Should the visitor assume the role of a slave, he/she will have the option of either submitting to a Free person of Boswell Pass OR being captured.  In either case, they will then become a Home Slave and be subject to the rules for slaves of Boswell Pass and under the management of the MoSP. 

Visitation Cycle:

  • This period of time allows the person to practice role play without a full commitment.  

  • A slave will be given simple tasks to role play (opening doors, tending the fire, sweeping, general chores); these tasks are to be in service to any Free Citizen of the Home, under the management of the MoSP.

  • These days will allow the Free or slave to develop their character and get used to using descriptives and terminology that they have observed to this point.

  • The Visitation Cycle will consist of 14 days of actual attendance and cumulative participation, beginning after the initial Observation Cycle.

Probationary Cycle:

  • This period of time would allow for more interactive role play and for the Citizens to evaluate the person and vice-versa, as well as to determine if the person is a good fit for the Community and vice-versa. 

  • Free persons would be required to actively practice Their castes; slaves would be required to actively participate in service to Boswell Pass.

  • The Probationary Cycle will last for a period of 30 days of attendance and active participation in both the room and the Group, beginning after the Visitation Cycle.

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