Role Play Rules for the Gorean Frontier

Dualling shall be defined as one typist playing two or more characters or roles concurrently within Gorean role play.

The consequence for a first offense of dualling shall be Death to the characters, a 45 day ban, and notice given to the Administrator of any other affected Homes, if any.  The 45 days consists of 14 days of Time Away and 31 additional days as consequence. 

A repeat offense shall result in Death to the characters, a permanent ban and a Public Notice issued.

Assassins in practice of Their Caste, with profile noted, shall not be considered to be dualling.

Use of NPCs, controlled by one’s own Gorean character within Role Play, shall not be considered to be dualling.

The typist’s participation in other genres shall have no bearing in TGF.


Shelving / Retiring of a Character
Shelving shall be defined as putting aside a character for a temporary period of time.

Retiring shall be defined as putting aside a character for a long-term period of time.

The act of returning from Shelving or Retiring a previous character may be used for rare cases of story development ONLY. There is a 14 day "away" period required between each Character shift and it should be clearly noted in the Main and Secondary Character's profile.

A shelved or retired character cannot reclaim a position now occupied by another typist’s character.

A shelved or retired character cannot reclaim any other typist as their slave or FC, except by mutual consent of both typists.

TGF does not see these alone as offenses, therefore, neither shall be considered punishable.


TGF is a No Zone.  However, we have one select area that is safe-zoned, The Embassy Garden, a small public garden offered as neutral ground, provided at our discretion.  The purpose of this zone is for discussions ONLY, including negotiations and peaceful dispute resolutions, in a non-violent venue.

Should a foreign Emissary violate protocol by taking hostile action within its boundaries, this area of neutrality within the Embassy Gardens becomes a No Zone, just as the rest of the Homeland.

We have a Magistrate and offenses will be prosecuted.  No area of TGF, including this neutral zone, shall be used as a sanctuary.  Offenders will be taken by force by the Guards to the borders of TGF and banished.

Violation of a safe zone is a serious act and deserves a serious consequence.  The first offense shall result in a ban of six months, followed by a permanent ban for a second offense.  Should the offender submit a public apology, the ban would be reduced by half (1st offense ONLY).

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
NPCs are intellectual property which may NOT be used by anyone other than their original creator at any time.  They are considered auxiliary characters for occasional use as role play necessitates or allows.

NPCs may be male or female, Free or slave, human or creature.

An NPC may NOT be of High Caste or a Priest King, unless YOU, their Creator are a Free person.

Slaves shall NOT create an NPC Free person in order to remove a collar, to escape punishment, or to draft Manumission papers for either themselves or another slave.

ALL NPCs are disposable and may be killed at any given time by their Originator. 

The Originator must give consent to have their NPC killed by another player or NPC.   The consequence for killing another creator’s NPC, without their permission, will be a one month ban for the first offense and a permanent ban, thereafter.

An NPC shall not be used to attack or mortally wound a regular character, Free or slave.

Use of Exit and Away
While the use of exiting and cupping ( marking “away” ) is understandable as real life circumstances arise (real life always comes first), these features should not be used to avoid a role play scenario.

No person shall use the features as a means of escaping capture or avoiding raids, etc.  They are required to role play out the scenario to legitimately escape or avoid capture.  They may evade, then cup, just not automatically cup.

Anyone exhibiting an ongoing pattern of avoidance of role play, chores, punishment or other scenarios by use of the “Away” feature or exiting the room shall face consequences.  Such behavior will be considered a pattern after 3 occurrences and the slave will be given a warning.  The fourth instance will result in a 14 day ban.  Continued instances will result in a permanent ban.

Remaining online or appearing in another room after such actions will result in consequences for avoidance of credible role-play.


Time Away and Returning
Time Away will consist of 14 days, returning on the 15th day.

Typists may return to the TGF unless they are banned permanently for prior actions. 

Everything is NEW after Time Away.  When returning, the typist must create a new character, name and Caste (if Free).  All association to their previous character, including, but not limited to, name, status, Caste, training, lands, FC or property (including slaves), shall not be recreated for or used by the new character in any way.

Any assets of the previous character will be seized by the Council and liquidated into the local revenue and added to the operating budget of TGF, according to Merchant Law.

The sentence of Death, as decreed by the Magistrate of TGF, will be administered swiftly and humanely by beheading.

Suicide shall be considered the same as Death with the same rules and consequences applying.

Use of the Action Command

Regarding the use of the “/me” feature within role play, the following shall apply:

If it a private thought, then think it privately, don’t type it where it can be seen because then it is shared within Role Play.  What is put on the screen, for good or ill, will be considered as being desired by the typist to be seen by others.

This rule applies to all typists, regardless of their character’s status.  The typist will be held accountable just as if it was spoken aloud or put into action within Role Play.


It is likened to “thinking out loud” which means it is “heard” by all who see the written words.  The excuse that it is only a thought will not be considered valid within TGF role play as a way of avoiding accountability.  If it is witnessed, and it is disrespectful, there will be a 14 day ban for the first offense. 


Entrances and Exits

A credible Role Play entrance is required to join Role Play in TGF.  Entering without a credible entrance post will result in being kicked from the room.  The typist may then use the opportunity to create a credible entrance and try again.  On the third instance, the typist will be banned for a period of 14 days.

Observing: a role play entrance is not required to enter and observe only.  Those desiring to observe should request to do so upon entry to avoid being kicked out for lurking.  Observers must cup and observe silently.  Questions may be asked in private.

Exits should be role played, except in cases of a real-life emergency.

Outing Real-Life Information
Publicly revealing another typist’s real life information is strictly prohibited and will result in an automatic lifetime ban.


Poor manners/behaviors which detract from the atmosphere of the Home will not be tolerated in TGF.  The first instance will result in a kick from the room.  The second offense will result in a 14-day ban.  Further offenses will result in a permanent ban.


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