Room Rules for The Gorean Frontier Chatroom


1.  All roleplay should be PLAUSIBLE and within a reasonable Gorean probability.  If it isn't, it will be deemed invalid. We'll try to help improve posts by providing Gorean knowledge and information, but if this becomes a chronic occurrence, you may be kicked.  A lot.

2.  This is a GOREAN location. We do not allow a mix of genres.  Players must have a Gorean profile to participate.  A Gorean profile generally should consist, at bare minimum, the status (Free or slave), claim of Caste (for Freepersons) or slave status (owned - with Owner's name, or unowned).

3.  From the time of entry, a visitor will be allowed up to 15 minutes to acclimate to the room, read profiles AND make a roleplay entrance, should they intend to roleplay. Otherwise, they are free to OBSERVE ONLY and state in profile to avoid being booted for LOITERING, which is NOT tolerated.  A Host will attempt to determine the intent to observe and status.  Refusal to cup OR no response after 15 minutes will result in ejection; further occurances will result in a ban from the room.  Observation will be allowed for a period of one hour per visit for up to three visits.


4.  People with "Learning/Observing Gorean roleplay" in their profile status are IMMUNE from actions (i.e. captures, kills).  They may NOT attempt actions, including capture* or kill**, while in that status without voiding immunity.


5.  If you must AFK or BRB and do not leave the room, your status MUST be VISIBLY indicated by marking Away (use the CUP button).  Cupping beyond a reasonable period of time will be considered LOITERING and you will be kicked.  

6.  Turnbased 1-2-1 style is the officially recognized method of CAPTURE and COMBAT scenarios and when used HERE will be judged by OUR standard practice.  ONLY Standard Gorean weapons will be recognized in battles, raids, skirmishes and duels.  All weapons drawn must be stated as drawn from somewhere on One's person, which means You brought it with You.  We do not require weapons to be listed in the profile.


7.  Articles used for capture also must be produced from a logical location to be considered valid under OUR method.


8.  The person captured or killed must honor it IF it is ruled a valid action under OUR method.  (SEE Rule No. 1!)


9.  CAPTURE/KILL attempts are INSTANTLY invalid if performed in Observation Mode, Whispers, Messages, E-Mails, Communication Boards or Blogs!  Consequences for such attempts will be a 14-day ban for the first offence and a permanent ban for repeated attempts.  If it isn't roleplayed in the room, it is NOT valid.

10.  The above rules have been posted as a courtesy to the greater Gorean community.  While questions regarding clarification or explanation of the rules is acceptable, they are NOT up for debate as to their validity.  We believe in the Sovereignty of the Home and expect Our rules to be observed while in this Home, just as We would be expected to observe the rules of a home that We visit.


* Capture - involves any attempted theft, kidnapping, forced submission or taking of a Free Person or slave.

** Kill - involves any attempt to mortally wound a Free Person or a slave.


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